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Easel Floor Lamp, Antique Brass, 82
12DS79001 Easel Floor Lamp, Antique Brass, 82"H
Industrial Floor Lamp, 63.5
129.92230 Industrial Floor Lamp, 63.5"H
Gold Leaf Floor Lamp, 67
1274131-426 Gold Leaf Floor Lamp, 67"H

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About Us

It was Christmas 1993 at Mig and Tig!  Vicki Semke is holding Yuppie next to partner and husband Kirk Schlupp. We are the owners of Mig and Tig Furniture and with us stands our very patient and hard working first employees. The exciting journey of growing a small business began in our lives.

Mig and Tig started as a rustic boutique furniture store on a brisk day in October 1993 on Wells Street in Chicago's River North. This urban design district  is located in a charming neighborhood and is a few short blocks away from the Chicago Merchandise Mart.

Custom furniture with colorful accessories and an inviting small dog was the perfect greeting for customers who shopped at our boutique location. As the good word spread in Chicago, Mig and Tig expanded and opened a second location in Winnetka, a suburb in the North Shore of Chicago.

Over the years, Mig and Tig grew its vendor selection and became known for its unusual and quality offerings sold at a good value. However, as the economic housing slow down affected many small businesses, we made the difficult decision to close our locations in 2009.  The small  business model of Mig and Tig continued with an e-commerce platform only.

It was decided as the times change, so must we. This prompted the exploring of new vistas beyond the comfortable locations we knew so well. These evolutionary changes gave us the permission to let go of the past, learn to re-discover, open our minds to re-create and grow new exciting horizons.

Golden times unfolded as this unexpected opportunity allowed us to spend more time with our family and enjoy the simpler things in life. We learned how we could develop our communities beyond our physical world now. This fascinating sphere has grown with love, energetic imaginations and positive impact. We are proud to be part of an inviting community that supports small business and socially driven companies!

We proudly share kindness with those who come across our path and bring a smile into our worlds.  Mig and Tig will always stay true to our hearts and feature the best we can find that offer uniqueness and a good value. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about our circle and stay tuned as our next magical chapter reveals itself and visit Mig and Tig's World!

Sincerely~ Vicki & Kirk