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Meyers Oval Side Table 23
122602 Meyers Oval Side Table 23"H
Rock'n Pillow, 20
127.90600 Rock'n Pillow, 20" Sq.
Peacock Pillow, 20
129.92572 Peacock Pillow, 20" Sq.

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Damage and Defects
 4/1/2010  by 

If a fulfillment mistake is made, resulting in the shipping of incorrect product, Mig and Tig reserves the right to replace and reship your order at no additional charge to you.  Please contact us within 5 days if this occurs so that we can get a replacement made and shipped to you as soon as possible.


When furniture is being delivered, you must FULLY inspect the shipment.  If you notice a shipping problem or manufacturer problem, you must write your concerns on the Bill of Lading.  If nothing is noted on the bill of lading, the claim may be denied. Notify Mig and Tig and the shipper immediately (within 24 hours) of any issues by telephone and email with digital images, we must first determine if it is a shipping problem or manufacturer defect. Please follow Mig and Tig claim guidelines below in our “Shipping Policy” for furniture.



For manufacturing related defects, please follow these Mig and Tig guidelines.  Please contact us immediately and we will email you a claim form.  Please fill it out completely and email back with required photos within 3 days of receipt to [email protected] Once the claim form and photos are received a determination will be made within 14 business days.


Replacements will not be issued if the piece has a variance in color, finish or unique hand crafted design. This is not considered a product defect.


Some of our custom made furnishings are made from solid wood, a natural living, breathing product.  Nature is unique and never duplicates, making no two pieces of wood, even from the same tree, exactly alike.  Because wood responds to fluctuations in humidity levels (just like hardwood flooring), furniture can expand and contract over time depending on the climate.  Please note that the degree of humidity or dryness in your home may cause splitting which will not affect the structural integrity of the piece and is not considered defective.


Certain types of wood will have more visible knots and wood grain.  Our vendors make every effort to conceal knots and grain on painted finishes, but due to natural resins within some wood types, they cannot be completely eliminated or guaranteed to control them.  Over time, knots and grain may bleed through and slightly discolor the finish.  This discoloration is not to be considered a defect in craftsmanship.  Irregularities in the finishes are not to be considered defects.  While finishes are durable, they aren’t indestructible.  Please contact us for care and maintenance of your wood furniture.


When choosing leather, consider that it is a natural material and nature's signatures will be incorporated into it. These signatures may be in the form of healed scars, blemishes or other markings that should be considered natural beauty marks.


Color variations also occur in leathers. During the dyeing process, since pigments are not used, each hide absorbs the dye in varying amounts, much like wood varies when stained. An arm of a sofa may have a slightly different shade than the cushion or back of a sofa, because both pieces were cut from different parts of the hide, this is not a material defect, but evidence that it is natural leather.


A swatch or sample cutting represents the color, texture and feel of the leather. However it will likely not be an “exact”  match to the hides the customer receives. Variations are due to the fact that leather is a natural product with unique characteristics that differ from hide to hide.



Washed fabrics are processed to achieve a casual and soft appearance. Characteristics such as wrinkling, fading, and puckering are normal. Fabrics wear

out and are not indestructible. Wear will vary with the amount of use. Some weaves are stronger than others. Occasional wrinkling is a characteristic of linen and cotton blend fabrics.



Leather, fabric and wood may have slight color variation from the image on your screen. We aim to provide the most accurate photography on our site, but each computer may have different sensitivities to their screens.  We encourage you to place a fabric, leather or wood swatch sample order prior to ordering (and may vary slightly) your upholstery or wood product so you can see in person the color, texture and hand of the fabrics, leathers and wood we have to offer.


Upholstered items are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects under normal use in a residential setting.  Normal softening and flattening of foam and fibers is not considered a defect.  Textiles are not warranted against fading, dye lot failure, wearing, or any damage resulting from any cleaning process or substance.

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